5 Habits That Are Draining Your Fuel.

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Tips to save fuel and habits that drains it.

Tips to save fuel and habits that drains it.

1) Rash Acceleration:
Hasty acceleration is the most common mistake everyone makes daily which demands more fuel than gentle acceleration and it is not good for your car’s engine as well.

2) Avoiding Tyre Pressure:
Ignoring tyres could be harmful to your wallet since low tyre pressure demands more power from the engine to rotate and engine consumes more fuel.

3) Driving In High Gear:
Driving in city could be hectic but to save fuel we need to be calm and pay attention to the car when driving at slow speeds we need to engage the suitable gear, else it drops down the mileage and also harms the clutch plate.

4) Driving In Low Gear:
It is much same to the last mistake and this is also the most common mistake that most of us make while driving the car at high speeds, we leave the car in low gear and keep pushing the throttle that uses a considerably high amount of fuel, instead, we should drive in a suitable gear for a better fuel efficiency.

5) Missing Out Service Dates:
Not paying attention to your service date could also lead to considerably lower mileage and can also reduce the lifespan of your car’s engine.

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