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March 17, 2018
March 27, 2018

Steam Car Cleaning in Jaipur

Using steam cleaners for washing cars has been one of the most effective ways of washing cars since decades. The process of steam cleaning cars involved usage of steam vapor for cleaning the interiors as well as exteriors of car. The sterilizing power of using steam wash will surely leave cars sparkling clean! If you are looking for steam car wash in Jaipur you have come to the right place! Oxo care provides car wash in Jaipur at the most reasonable prices and thus is called the best Car cleaner in Jaipur!

Here is Why, We, at OXO Care Believe in Using Steam for Car Cleaning!

  • Steam cleaning uses as little as 4 liters of water per car wash
  • Steam cleaning helps in removing the dirt, dust and greases on the exteriors of the car surface making it sparkling clean
  • Steam cleaning requires less time in cleaning the car and thus is most helpful when you have less time to clean your car
  • Steam cleaning helps remove stains from the upholstery in very less time and using less water as compared to the extractors
  • Steam cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning the interiors, exteriors, door jams, floor mats, upholstery, window Shields, seat covers and helps in reaching the nooks and corners of the car leaving it with zero dust and dirt
  • Steam cleaning does not require excessive scrubbing on the surface of the car and thus you can rest assured that there will be no scratches left on the surface of your car, which would be the case when you are washing your car mechanically
  • Steam cleaning does not require more chemical sprays thus you don’t have to worry about the color changes of the car.

That was a list of some good reasons why you should consider steam washing for your car over mechanical cleaning. While mechanical cleaning may be one of the easiest ways of cleaning your car as it requires less time and you don’t have to take your car till the service centre, steam washing the car on the other hand is the most effective way of cleaning your car and leaving it sparkling clean without damaging the interiors and exteriors of the car and leaving literally no scratch on your car! So don’t you think it is worth your time and money? If yes, meet us today at OXO care offer and give your car a great wash!

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