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Regardless of whether your car is old or new, dents on the car will definitely spoil the look of your car. Car dents can range from tiny dings to large dimples of the surface of your car leaving it look like a handicapped vehicle. The causes of a dent are usually by the crashing or bumping of your car onto something. Here are some simple ways of repairing the car dents when they are tiny dings. However, if the car dents are huge ones, it’s always advisable to take help of the denting servicing centers.

Here’s what you can do to repair small dents on your car:

1) Just paint the surface

If the dent on your car is a small dump or a small scratch on the surface of your car, the easiest way to fix it is painting the surface. Remember that you have to use a sandpaper to remove the rust particles on the car surface and other paint flakes before you apply a coat of paint on it. Also, it’s important to ensure the quality of the paint used so it doesn’t shed off flakes when in sun.

2) Using a hammer can be of great help too

When there are small dings on the steel surface especially on the car doors, the best way to fix it is the hammer method. Wrap a small flat piece of metal in a rag and place it on the dent area, use the hammer to bang the dent from the underside to fix the dent. Remember that you bang only on this piece of metal that’s wrapped in a rag and not around the area as it’s likely to leave your car with more such tiny dents.

3) Rubber plunger to the rescue of sizable dings

If the dent is a small sized ding with no creases in the middle area, using a rubber plunger is the best solution! Who says rubber plungers are to be used only in the bathrooms? Moisten the rubber edges of a rubber plunger and place it over the dent area. Pump in a couple of times to create the suction and pull the plunger towards you. A good attempt of 2 to 4 times will remove your dent!

These are 3 simple ways of fixing the dents of your car. If none of these work or if the dent on your car is a large one, getting it serviced from professionals is advisable. Being one of the best providers of denting painting service in Jaipur, we at OXO Care Offer best quality service at most affordable prices! We’re just a call away as we also undertake doorstep car denting and car painting services.

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