Car Facing Startup Issues? It Could Be A Spark Plug.

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The spark plug is considered as the most important component of a combustion engine(Car, Truck, etc.) since there is no spark plug there would be no combustion in the engine and energy from air and fuel mixture cannot be produced. The work of a spark plug is to provide electric current from the ignition system to the engine combustion chamber to ignite the compressed fuel and air mixture by an electric spark. According to most car manufacturer, the car’s spark plug has to be checked & cleaned on every Car Service or Periodic Maintenance and if needed then has to be replaced.

Here are some symptoms that indicate a worn spark plug:-

1) Engine Struggling to Start: This is the most common problem that occurs in cars when the spark plug is not in good condition. The spark plug wears out eventually and getting it fixed asap by a professional car mechanic could extend your car’s engine life for soo many kms.

2) Dropped Fuel Economy: Fuel consumption is the second factor that is affected by a bad spark plug under the hood. When spark plug works correctly it ensures to achieve good fuel economy but if it’s not then it can drop down the mileage. It happens because the spark plug electrodes either too near or too far. So if your car is giving a lower than average fuel economy you must get the spark plug checked at your nearest car service centre.

Symptoms of a worn spark plug | Oxocare Tips

3) Misfiring Engine: If you feel your engine jerks sometimes on startup or while running so it could be surely an engine misfire. This generally happens when your engine skips one of the processes of its combustion cycles. This will also increase the emission of your car. In this case, visiting a quality car workshop could be the best choice.

4) Delay in Acceleration: If your car is delaying the acceleration than usual then it could be a spark plug that has to be replaced. In this case, locating a car mechanic near you could be a good choice.

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