How To Drive In India And Stay Safe.

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India is a rapidly developing nation in terms of infrastructure in terms of population and in terms of technology. Here huge number of road accidents occur daily and mostly the reason is that most people don’t follow lane driving and may don’t know how to overtake in terms of avoiding a mishappening. Indian laws say that when you execute an overtake you need to be in the overtaking lane that is the rightmost lane and when you have passed the vehicle you have to leave that lane when safe so that other motorists can also execute an overtake on a highway.

The rightmost lane is also the Fastlane and is for those motorists who are speeding their vehicles. This is so because it is easier for the driver to spot a coming vehicle from the right rear view mirror. The leftmost lane is for the slower moving traffic and is also known as the Auxilliary lane since the people who want to turn have to move in that and the straight going traffic have to stay in the through lane.

There is not such defined lanes for trucks and buses but their speed hardly goes more than 70kmph due to heavy loads so they should be driven in the left or middle lane since the left lane is for slow-moving traffic. The speed limit resides between 60-80kmph depending upon the vehicle you are driving and the road you are on.

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