How To Take Care Of Your Car During Quarantine

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February 2, 2020
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Oxocare Car Care Tips During Quarantine

1) Start your car once a week to prevent battery discharge.
2) Disengage handbrake to relieve pressure on drums, instead engage low gear.
3) Move your car slightly backward or forward once a week to avoid flatspots on tyres.
4) Clean the interiors and remove all the stuff that can leave a bad smell if left out.
5) Try to park your car indoors or use a car cover to prevent the paint from losing it’s shine.
6) Roll down & up windows once every two weeks to prevent power window motor from choking.
7) Rotate ac vent open/close wheel once every two weeks to prevent it from choking.
8) Check boot and under the bonnet for any rodent, since they can harm the electrical systems and wirings of your car.
9) Do not let the windows open even for a single inch, since this may allow rodents to easily get inside your car and this may also grab the attention of thieves towards your car.

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