Is it good or bad to rev car while starting in morning?

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April 3, 2020

It is generally a question that almost everyone is looking for a perfect answer but couldn’t figure out what is good for their car since some prescribe to rev car on the morning’s first startup and some don’t. So what could be the best habit that could make your car engine survive a little more?
Here are some reasons that can clear all your worries about whether to rev or not your car in the morning while starting for the first time. This goes the same for the Diesel and Petrol engines.

When you start your car for the first time after leaving it the whole night, all the engine components are still and there is no engine oil lubrication left on them since the engine is off and not circulating the oil throughout all the components overnight, so before you take your car for a ride you need to ensure that all the components should have a proper warm-up and has been lubricated perfectly to ensure better performance and reliability from the engine.

Revving immediately after you start your car can cause abrupt temperature changes in the engine and creates stress in the engine and can easily harm the engine components that could lead to degraded performance and reliability of your engine in long run.

Letting your car relax for two or three minutes after it starts is a good idea, it helps distribute oil in the engine and warm up the engine oil up to working temperature. This can do wonders in the long run of your car since all the engine components get a perfect warm-up and may take less stress while running and give you more reliability.

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