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February 14, 2018
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February 14, 2018
  • Gentle on the car body paint.The car body paint is one of the cherished parts of any car, and the owner protects it at all costs. The use of hard brushes in the past led to scratches and the eventual destruction of body paint jobs. In contrast, the automatic car wash method does the opposite as it is gentle and gets the job done without any damage.
  • Thorough. The amount of work done by the automated machine is perfect as there is no chance for skipping any of the steps fed into the device’s memory.
  • Does not tire.Humans are not perfect, and the handwashing method depletes a person’s energy. Tired people are likely to deliver poorly done jobs and may not remove the dust and the dirt on the car body. The automated carwash has no space for tiredness and is reputed to even reach areas where hands may not reach.
  • Cost effective. The automated carwash is known for using modern carwashing techniques that save time and water. The time factor and the low amounts of water used allow the car owner and carwash specialist to cut on costs.
  • Time saving. Most professionals would make do with taking their vehicles to an automated carwash where they will have the car washed in a record time of just five to 10 minutes.
  • Customized. Using automated washing machines allows carwashes to customize their car washing needs. They may need to combine several coat care methods in one operation, and the automated process delivers it in record time.

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