When Should You Get Your Engine Oil Filter Changed?

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An engine oil filter is designed to clean particles from the engine oil since it flows through the engine and cleans and lubricates it. it is necessary to maintain the engine clean to get an increased life of the engine and better performance from it. if the engine oil will remain unfiltered it could make serious damage to your car which will lead to expensive repairs and your car’s engine will not last as much as it could.

After so many researches on automobiles engines are found to last long if they always run on good quality fuel and clean engine oil and to maintain that cleanliness, an engine oil filter was developed. Engine oil flows through the engine and lubricates the parts as well as cleans it and are not supposed to take out the engine oil every day and filter it and then put it back, so we have an oil filter which does it without taking out the oil outside.

As the oil gets old in the engine it’s quality for filtering the oil degrades that’s why every automaker mentions a period or a running range in which you should get the oil changed for the sake of the life of the engine. Oxocare recommends you to get your oil changed at every 10’000 KM or 1year and with every oil change you should get your oil filter changed as well to maintain your engine’s life.

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